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David Witkowski

David Witkowski

Class: 2006

Hometown: New York City, New York

Class of: 2006

Hometown: New York City, New York

Status: Pursuing a Master's in Humanities at the University of Chicago

"I try to live the vision of Soka. My life would be worthless if it wasn't dedicated to world peace and caring for other people."
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About David Witkowski

My Study Abroad in Japan

“I did my study abroad in Japan. After I graduated, I returned to teach English to kindergartners for two years. My fellow teachers were from many different places – Zimbabwe, Russia, Korea, America, and more – and we had great relationships with the students. The kids learned much more than English. They got a global perspective by interacting with people from all over the world. That’s something that will stay with them the rest of their lives.”

A World Peace University

“You could call Soka a ‘world peace university.’ The founder is an extremely optimistic, hopeful person who thinks that world peace is possible. He founded Soka University so that people around the world could learn practically how to create peace and contribute to society. I never want to lose that vision – it is helpful to me practically and spiritually.”

Meeting the Challenges of Grad School

“To get through the challenging times in graduate school, I remember what the founder said to us at Soka. He stressed it was important to study for the sake of those who weren’t able to attain a higher education. He wanted us to study so we could work to empower society, including those whose circumstances prevent further study.”

The Bonds are Strong

“I rely on the friendships I created at Soka because our bonds are still so strong. Every time I connect with a friend from Soka, it reminds me of the school’s ideals and my purpose for going to grad school.”

A Smaller World

“Soka has made the world a smaller and more personal place because now I have friends around the world. When there were attacks near Mumbai, I was worried because I have a very good friend who lives near there. For my friends in other countries, it made them see September 11 in a completely new light.”