Soka University of America
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Meet Students, Alumni, & Faculty

David Laumann
Year: Senior, Class of 2009
Hometown: Freiburg, Germany
Concentration: Humanities
Michelle Nunn
Year: Freshman, Class of 2012
Hometown: Camarillo, California
Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Nozomi Inukai
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2011
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Gail Thomas
Titles: Professor of Sociology
James Spady
Titles: Associate Professor of American History.
Phat Vu
Titles: Associate Professor of Physics and Institutional Research & Assessment Coordinator
David Witkowski
Class: 2006
Hometown: New York City, New York
Status: Pursuing a Master's in Humanities at the University of Chicago
Gonzalo Obelleiro
Class: 2005
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Status: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Columbia University
Ippei Shibata
Class: 2007
Hometown: Yokohama, Japan
Status: Research Associate, The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Missouri
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