Professor Edward Lowe

Narrative Biography

As an applied anthropologist, I use the methods and theories of anthropology to study and help solve human problems. Applied anthropologists try to help solve human problems by:

  1. building partnerships with researchers from other disciplines and also with the people who are confronted with and working to solve their own problems,
  2. bridging multiple perspectives by seeking to understand how all of the stake holders comprehend the problem in their own terms, then acknowledging these multiple perspectives in our own research and advocacy,
  3. and, emphasizing the inherent diversity of human experiences in terms of biological and cultural variability, ethnicity, gender, age, social stratification, and inequalities in access to resources, rights, and power as a product of any of these others. (Source: the Society for Applied Anthropology).

I have worked with children, youth, and their parents in the islands of Micronesia. I have also worked with a large consortium of researchers and policy advocates that has studied the impact of welfare reform on American families who live in inner-city neighborhoods.