Soka University of America
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Academic Administration - Undergraduate Program

Edward M. Feasel, PhD
Dean of Faculty
Chief Academic Officer
Professor of Economics
Phone: 949-480-4133
Fax: 949-480-4263

Teri Chester
Assistant to the Faculty
Phone: 949-480-4146
Fax: 949-480-4261

Darin Ciccotelli, PhD
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition
Director of the Writing Program
Phone: 949-480-4321
Fax: 949-480-4261

Rebecca Cortez
Assistant to the Faculty
Phone: 949-480-4274
Fax: 949-480-4264

Sarah England, PhD
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 949-480-4051
Fax: 949-480-4261

Michael D. Golden, DMA
Professor of Music Composition and Theory
Phone: 949-480-4025
Fax: 949-480-4263

John Pavel Kehlen, MA
Lecturer of Asian Literature
Phone: 949-480-4210
Fax: 949-480-4263

Xiaoxing Liu, PhD
Associate Professor of Chinese Language & Culture
Director of the Language and Culture Program
Phone: 949-480-4074
Fax: 949-480-4126

Clare Lorenzo
Assistant to the Dean of Faculty
Academic Affairs Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 949-480-4207
Fax: 949-480-4263

Lisa A. Hall MacLeod, PhD
Professor of International Studies
Director of International Studies
Phone: 949-480-4049
Fax: 949-480-4263

Anthony Inder Mazeroll, PhD
Professor of Biology
Phone: 949-480-4056
Fax: 949-480-4263

Alex Okuda, MA
Director of Study Abroad and International Internships Office
Phone: 949-480-4159
Fax: 949-480-4264

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