SSU Sustainability Committee


The mission of the Soka Student Union Sustainability Committee is to materialize the university’s noble principle of “[fostering] leaders for the creative coexistence of nature and humanity” through initiating activities and developing policies that instill a culture of resilience and regeneration in the Soka community. The student-run committee achieves this by working in three areas: research, policies, and outreach and education. Each year, three students are appointed the chairs of the Sustainability Committee.

Some achievements of the Sustainability Committee throughout the years have been:

  • SUA's first Native Plant Garden and Outdoor Classroom Space
  • EcoWing Themed Housing
  • Tupperware Campaign
  • Improved Campus Recycling Program
  • Food Waste Separation Initiative
  • Energy Challenge
  • Navy Shower Campaign
  • Staircase Painting Initiative
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee and Tea Initiative
  • Eco-Educational Film Screenings
  • Earth Day Celebrations
  • Campus and Coastal Cleanups
  • Built Collaboration with Transition Aliso Viejo
  • Outreach in City of Aliso Viejo and local schools
  • fairtradebrightecowingflyer