Academic Lectures 2009-2010

Archived Events

September 20, 2009
Jay Heffron, Professor of History;
Orin Kirshner, Assistant Professor of American Government & Politics; James Spady, Assistant Professor of American History
An annual event marking Constitution Day - Whose Constitution Is It? The Supreme Court and Its Powers of Interpretation
A roundtable discussion featuring faculty perspectives on the U.S. Constitution
Sponsored by: HUM/SBS Concentrations

September 21, 2009
Film Screening of:  "Pray the Devil Back to Hell"
International Day of Peace Commemoration
A film by Abigail E. Disney & Gini Reticker, features the story of Liberian women efforts to win peace in their country in 2003
Sponsored by: International Studies Concentration 

September 24, 2009
Brett Littman, Executive Director of the Drawing Center, New York City
From Lascaux Caves to AutoCAD
Highlighted curatorial decisions that have shaped the Drawing Center's programming; in depth look at history and significance of drawing
Sponsored by: Creative Arts Program

October 12, 2009
Arturo Albizures & Boris Hernandez - Film makers and community activists from Guatemala
Twenty Years of Documenting Community Activism and Historical Memory in Guatemala
A presentation by Arturo Albizures and Boris Hernandez of Associacion Comunicarte; film screening of "We Have to Speak Out: Justice for Genocide"
Sponsored by: INTS/SBS Concentrations

November 10, 2009
The Slowind Quintet ensemble  from the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra
The Slowind Quintet
Informal recital and discussion performed by soloists from the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra featuring classical and 20th century contemporary music
Sponsored by: Creative Arts Program 

November 12, 2009
Andrea Brache, B.F.A. ~ Dance Instructor
Master Class in Dance with Andrea Brache
A Master Class in Dance
Creative Arts Program

February 10, 2010
Dr. John Hall, School of Law, Chapman University
Khmer Rouge Tribunals
Lecture on the Khmer Rouge Tribunals
Sponsored by:  INTS/co-sponsored with UNA/OC

March 8, 2010           
Dr. Ben Huang of Mt. St. Mary's College, Los  Angeles              
Discussion on fiction writing
Sponsored by: Humanities and The Writing Center

March 8, 2010 
Dr. Nayereh Tohidi, Professor of Gender and Women Studies,Cal State Northridge
Women's Rights in Islamic Societies
Sponsored by: INTS/co-sponsored with UNA/OC

March 23, 2010
Dr. Vincent Gordon Harding, SUA Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Is America Possible?
Lecture on the unfolding of Democracy in the U.S.
Sponsored by: The Luis and Linda Nieves Family Foundation

 April 1, 2010
Dr. Andrea Lunsford, SUA Distinguished Visiting Scholar  
The Role of Rhetoric and New Media Writing in the Twenty-First Century University
Lecture on new literacy to address multimedia presentation skills and transferring traditional academic writing to oral and media presentations 
Sponsored by: The Luis and Linda Nieves Family Foundation

April 16, 2010
Lynne Thompson, Poet and Perugia Press Award Winner 
Poetry Reading from Beg No Pardon 
Poetry Reading in celebration of National Poetry Month 
Sponsored by: The Writing Program   

April 17, 2010 
'Why Poetry Matters' Workshop by CeCe Sloan 
Workshop on Poetry - in celebration of National Poetry Month 
Sponsored by: The Writing Program 

April 26, 2010
Dr. Lise Sedrez, Assistant Professor, History Department, Cal State Long Beach 
Local Bay, Global Politics: A History of the Failure to Clean Up Guanabara Bay Rio De Janeiro (1992-2005)  
Environmental issues versus global politics in efforts to address pollution in Guanabara Bay 
Sponsored by: International Studies Concentration

April 28, 2010
Dr. Nicholas Onuf, Professor Emeritus of International Relations, Florida International University, Miami 
Why Theory is Easy, Fun and Even Sometimes Important
Lecture on the elements of developing theory and reasons to challenge existing theory
Sponsored by: International Studies Concentration

May 13, 2010
Dr. Aldo Musacchio, Harvard University  
Is Brazil Taking Off? 
Lecture on recent trends in Brazilian economy and international investment interests in Brazil 
Sponsored by: International Studies Concentration