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Soka University of America offers a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Environmental Studies, Humanities, International Studies, or Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Each of these concentrations supports the Pacific Basin focus of SUA, as well as its emphasis on leadership and contributive citizenship. Degree offerings and concentrations will increase in number and range consistent with enrollment increases and student interests. Programs and courses have been designed to provide students with the following:

Undergraduate program student learning outcomes are:

  1. To foster an awareness of the needs of our changing world through developing a sense of history and an understanding of the nature of reality
  2. To think and investigate critically and creatively
  3. To be effective at various modes of expression and communication
  4. To acquire knowledge and appreciation of multiple cultures and traditions
  5. To become, through integrative learning, active and informed global citizens
Undergraduate catalog

Study Abroad and International Internships

Study Abroad for all Undergraduates
  • All students study abroad for one semester in their junior year.
  • Students select Chinese, French, Japanese or Spanish in their freshman year and take a minimum of 4 language courses to prepare for Study Abroad.
  • Students earn credit towards graduation while having the opportunity to learn and explore another culture.

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