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Graduate Certificate Program(s)

Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language

The Soka University of America Graduate School Certificate Program in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language provides future teachers with a curriculum that balances a theoretical foundation with the practical tools necessary to successfully teach Japanese to non-native speakers.  The program cultivates an understanding of language within the context of Japanese culture thus enabling the student to develop a broad-based  knowledge of the Japanese language as well as an appreciation for the cultural sensitivities of Japanese-speaking people.

The program offers a well-balanced curriculum, small class size and the academic excellence for which Soka is noted.


Course Sequence

TJL 510:  Japanese linguistics - Fall 2009

TJL 511:  Teaching Japanese as a foreign language (I) - Spring 2010 

TJL 515:  Japanese pedagogical grammar - Fall 2010 

TJL 512:  Analysis and teaching of Japanese culture - Spring 2011

TJL 514:  Teaching Japanese as a foreign language (II) - Fall 2011

All courses are taught in English
Classes will be held on Saturday mornings.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's degree (major closely related to 
language education and/or Japanese preferred) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

English Proficiency

For non-native speakers of English -
TOEFL 600 (PBT) or 100 (iBT); or a degree from a US university or college;
 or California teaching credentials

Japanese Prficiency

For non-native speakers of Japanese -
Japanese proficiency equivalent of third-year Japanese or higher; and/or
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 2 or higher 


Teaching experience preferred but not required


The Soka University of America TJFL certificate is not to be confused with state certification for teaching in California public elementary or secondary schools.

The program is subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment requirements are not met.

Holders of a Master of Arts degree in Second and Foreign Language Education with a concentration in TESOL from Soka University of America may use this certificate program to apply for adouble concentration to add to your degree.