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About the Master's Program

MA in Second and Foreign Language Education with a concentration in TESOL



Degree Title:  Master of Arts (MA)

Major:  Second and Foreign Language Education

Specialization: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Purpose & Goals

The broad mission of the SUA Graduate School's Master of Arts in Second and Foreign Language Education program is to educate graduate-level students in the methodologies and intellectual foundations of language teaching and learning.

The objective of the program is to educate students to become language instructors and educators.  The more specific goals are to give students the necessary training to become teachers of English as a second or foreign language.

Graduate Program student learning outcomes are:

Content Outcomes:

  1. To understand the nature of language; the fact of language varieties - social, regional and functional; the structure and development of the English language systems; and the culture of English-speaking people
  2. To understand the process of language acquisition as it concerns first and subsequent language learning and as it varies at different age levels, and to understand the effects on language learning of socio-cultural variables in the instructional situation
  3. To understand the principles of language pedagogy and instructional materials
  4. To have an understanding of the principles and ability to apply the techniques and interpret the results of second and foreign language assessment of student progress and proficiency, and ability to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching materials, procedures and curricula
  5. To understand the factors which contribute to the culturally determined styles of various peoples, and which influence both their uniqueness and their inter-relationships in a pluralistic society

 Competence Outcomes student learning outcomes are:

  1. To understand, analyze, synthesize and critically evaluate relevant scholarly literature, including key theories and research
  2. To display with clarity and precision, both orally and in writing, an informed understanding of complex ideas and concepts
  3. To construct organized, coherent written texts using Standard English, appropriate rhetorical style, in-text citation of sources, and APA bibliographic style
  4. To reflect upon the knowledge gained through the academic study of the areas listed above (see Content Outcomes) and apply such knowledge in a principled manner to their own pedagogical practice
  5. To achieve these goals, the SUA Graduate School offers a program that stresses knowledge in and understanding of linguistics, teaching and learning processes and cross-cultural awareness. The program provides future teachers with a curriculum that balances a sound theoretical foundation with the practical tools necessary to teach a foreign language to a non-native speaker.

Program Description

Second and foreign language education is an important field of education in which people are trained to become language instructors and educators (e.g., textbook writers).  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is an area of language instruction in which English is taught as a second or foreign language. 

Our program in second and foreign language education with a concentration in TESOL stresses linguistics, processes of teaching and learning and cross-cultural awareness.  By cultivating the knowledge in and cultural sensitivities toward language learning and teaching, students are enabled to develop the following professional competencies:

(The above five points were adopted from the Core Standards for Language and Professional Preparation Programs presented by the Executive Board of TESOL, Inc.)

Students completing the MA in Second and Foreign Language Program should achieve the following competency outcomes: