Beijing, China (ACC)

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Program Provider:
Associated Colleges in China- ACC, Minzu University of China 

  • Spring Semester (After Lunar New Year - Mid May)
  • Fall Semester (Early September - Mid December)
  • GPA - 3.2
  • Strict Language Pledge – no English (3 strikes out rule)
  • Must have high level Chinese.  Designed for academically motivated students with a strong desire to improve their Chinese language skills.
  • Students will study at Minzu University of China (MUC).
  • ACC is a language-intensive program with an extremely rigorous study schedule.
  • Each student will have a language partner assigned by ACC.
  • Students should expect to spend most of their time with the program: attending classes, completing assignments and studying.
  • Strict attendance policies and the language pledge are upheld by professors and by the Field Director.
  • All students in the program meet every Friday to eat lunch with several of the instructors.
  • Class size: 4 - 5 people.
  • Final research project written and orally presented in Chinese.
Field Trips: 
  • 2-3 field trips in and around Beijing.
  • Weekly extracurricular activities, such as; calligraphy, tai-chi, cooking, choir classes, Chinese painting and ping pong.
  • Students as well as the Field Director and the primary teachers are housed in a modern dormitory with many amenities.
  • Double-room in the Foreign Students Dormitory, paired with one ACC roommate. (No English policy strictly followed.)
  • Each student has a Chinese host family they visit on weekends.
  • Meal allowance provided by SUA.

ACC - Beijing

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Beijing, China (CIEE)

Program Provider:
Councils on International Education and Exchange- CIEE, Peking University

  • Spring Semester (After Lunar New Year - Late June)
  • Fall Semester (Late August - Mid-December)              
  • GPA - 2.5
  • CIEE's language pledge is not strictly followed by participants.
  • Students will study at the prestigious Peking University in the "Russian Building" & other language buildings.
  • Most suitable for a highly motivated individuals who can focus on both learning the Chinese language and on contemporary Chinese studies.
  • Required peer language tutors (3 hrs/week).  Students are paired with graduate students from the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.  Many students have expressed that this is the highlight of the CIEE program.
  • Intensive Mandarin language training with a diverse selection of 6 levels (over 30 classes).
  • Average core class size: 10 - 20. Average elective class size: 20 - 40 students.
  • Bi-monthly target language meals spoken in only Chinese with other students, language teachers, peer tutors, and resident staff.
Field Trips:
  • Field trips in and around Beijing (2 overnight & bi-weekly short trips) to Xi’an, Hangzhou, Nanjing, the Shaolin temple, and other well-known sites.
  • Cultural Reimbursement Program.
  • Students can homestay with a Chinese host family or live in the Zhongguanyuan Global Village dormitory.
  • Homestay is very popular among Soka students. Host families are carefully selected and have been through an orientation process which prepares them for living with a young person who is not a Chinese national.
  • Dormitories are suites with private bedrooms. Each suite has 2 - 3 private bedrooms and a shared bathroom and living room. The kitchen and laundry room are in a common area in the building.

CIEE - Beijing

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Beijing, China (CET)

Program Provider:
CET Academic Program, Beijing Institute of Education 

  • Spring Semester (After Lunar New Year - Late May)
  • Fall Semester (Early September - Mid December)              
  • GPA - 3.0
  • Students will study at Beijing Institute of Education (BIE), a national university located in the central western part of the city.
  • Good setting for language and cultural learning – total immersion.
  • Well-organized curriculum and highly trained teachers.
  • Courses available from 100 to 400 levels with 5(6) levels (beginner to advanced).   
  • Language Pledge – no English.
Field Trips:
  • Students as well as the Field Director and the primary teachers are housed in a modern dormitory with many amenities.
  • Students have host families with whom they may visit during the weekends.
  • CET students live with their Chinese roommates in a newly-renovated international students' dormitory on the CNU campus.