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Program Provider:
CET Academic Programs, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

  • Spring Semester (Mid February - Early June)
  • Fall Semester (Late August - Mid December)
  • GPA - 3.0
  • The program requires at least four previous semesters of Chinese language study.
  • Designed for high intermediate and advanced students (300 - 400 level Chinese)
  • Very strict Language Pledge - NO ENGLISH.
  • The Intensive Chinese Program is hosted by the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), one of China's top ten institutions.
  • 10-15 participants per semester
  • Students take a combination of individual and small group classes, and focus both on breadth and accuracy.
  • 20 hours a week of Chinese language classes.
  • 2 required courses: Individually tailored "one-on-one tutorials" (400-500 level content course) and "one-on-two drill class" (mainly pronunciation class).
  • 4 hrs/week one-on-one tutorial to discuss research topic with non-language, but subject specialist.
  • 2 Elective courses (class size 3-6 students)
  • Optional weekly cultural activities (field trips, extracurricular classes like cooking, calligraphy)
  • 1 Chinese Practicum – Students use Chinese language outside of the classroom with local citizens.
  • Midterm & final research paper (essay and oral presentation) required.
Field Trips: 
  • The Weekend Trip. This three-day excursion takes students to a nearby city like Dalian or Dandong. Part of the experience is the getting there. Students travel as locals do— by hard-sleeper train to simple, but comfortable, hotels.
  • The Immersion Retreat. This overnight trip takes all students, teachers and roommates to the rural countryside for a weekend of Chinese activities. Students hike in pristine mountains, interact with villagers and eat local food.
  • CET students live with their Chinese roommates in the foreign students' dormitory and abide by a Chinese-only language pledge.  Sharing a room with a local roommate is frequently cited by CET students as “one of the best parts of the program.”
  • Dormitory rooms are arranged in suites, with two rooms sharing one bathroom. All rooms have internet access.
  • CET students reside in an international student dormitory directly across from the campus tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. CET students have discovered that pick-up games are a great way to make Chinese friends.
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