Strasbourg, France

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Program Provider:
Accés, University of Strasbourg

  • Spring Semester (Mid January - Late May)
  • Fall Semester (September - Mid December)
  • Cumulative GPA-  2.5
  • Each level includes a French language block worth 6 US credits.
  • Students enroll at the Institut International d'Études Françaises (IIEF), Université de Strasbourg’s French language and culture institute.
  • Upon arrival, students take a French language ability test and are placed in the appropriate language level.
  • Students may also choose from dozens of French culture classes worth 1 credit each. (Students may take French culture classes on in their level or in the level immediately above or below.)
  • Advanced level students can take classes in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Strasbourg. All courses are taught in French.
  • The program organizes several cultural seminars every semester where students learn French through practical experience: French cooking, first aid certification at the Croix Rouge, sailing, grape harvesting, and Alsatian folk dancing.
  • The program offers part-time internships at NGOs, government agencies and other associations in Strasbourg for pre-qualified students. Internships require a commitment of 12-15 hours per week for 10 weeks, as well as, a course load of a minimum of 12 credit hours at the university. In addition, students prepare a 20-page dissertation in French, which is evaluated by the internship director and a tutor.
  • Students may earn 4 US credits for successful completion of the dissertation.
Field Trips:
  • Throughout the semester, the program organizes excursions to sites of historical and cultural interest in and around Strasbourg. Excursions are meant to teach students something about France's past.
  • Located on the French border with Germany, midway between Paris and Prague, Strasbourg has been a crossroads of people and ideas for centuries. The city has gone back and forth five times between France and Germany.
  • Soka students are required to live with a host family. One of the big criteria for selecting host families is that they host only one American student at a time.  The Program also insists on the host family speaks only French with the student. All families live within walking distance of the university campus and city center. 
  • Three meals per day are all included in program fee.
Accés, Strasbourg