Mejiro, Japan

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Program Provider:
SUA, University in Shinjuku, Mejiro University


  • Spring Semester:  Early April ~ Early August
  • Fall Semester:  Early August ~ Late January (Students attending Fall semester will not be able to enroll in the January Learning Cluster. In addition, students will only have a few days to return for the start of spring semester at SUA.)


  • Cumulative  GPA – 2.5


  • Soka students will typically earn a max of 15 credits (1 course).
  • Designed for students with language levels of either proficient, low intermediate or beginner.
  • There are a total of 6 class levels: N4 - N5 (Beginner), N2 - N3 (Intermediate), N1S -N1 (Advanced).
  • Average class size: 15
  • Strong language acquisition environment.
  • Excellent teachers.
  • Soka students study at JALP, Japanese Language Program for Foreign Students, at Mejiro University.
  • Classes run 5 days a week for 3-4 hrs per day. An additional 3-4 hrs of daily class prep. if you are placed in a higher level.
  • Many Asian students in the program (currently no American students).


  • The campus is located in the quiet residential area of central Tokyo, Shinjuku.
  • Only dormitories are available for housing, no homestay.
  • University dorms (one minute walk to school) and off-campus affiliate dorms (30 minutes by walk). Soka students are likely to live in the off-campus affiliate dorm.
  • University dorms have one male dorm with single rooms and two female dorms with single rooms or suite style rooms for 3 people.
  • Off-campus affiliate dormitories have single rooms available.
  • Good support system with residential life staff at dormitories.
  • Meal stipend provided by SUA. (ATM available on campus.)

Field Trips

  • University festival in Fall
  • Cultural studies programs in Spring
  • Local student touring program

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