Osaka, Japan

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Program Provider:
CET Academic Programs


  • Spring Semester (Jan - May)
  • Fall Semester (Aug -  Dec)
  • GPA - 3.0
  • SUA Students take Track 2 with Intensive Language Culture Studies
  • Students will study at Osaka Gakuin University (OGU): one of the most academically innovative schools in the Kansai region.
  • Field Placement Course - students carry out a field placement assignment within a Japanese social organization.
  • The language curriculum involves a high degree of integration with the local community.
  • Students have the unique chance to room with a Japanese university student in furnished apartments near campus.
  • Students can prepare meals at home in private kitchens or eat inexpensively at local restaurants.
  • People in Osaka are known for their love of good food and their joyful, outgoing personalities.
  • The OGU campus includes student clubs, the I-chat lounge, a library, four cafeterias, a bookstore, a convenience store, computer labs, modern sports facilities, a health center and multiple gardens.
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CET Osaka
Osaka Gakuin University