Japan, Nagoya

Program Provider: 
SUA Administered Program, Nanzan University in Nagoya


  • Spring Semester: Early January – Late May
  • Fall Semester: Early September – Late December


  • 14 to 18 credits a semester. Max of 12 credits (4-5 courses) for Soka credit transfer.


  • Students with high-intermediate and advanced levels of Japanese proficiency.
  • Only highly advanced students enrolled in Fall Semester can attend the university class(es).
  • 3-4 hr. of class and 3-4 hr. of class preparation daily for 4 or 5 days a week.
  • Average class size:10-15 students

Field trips: 

  • Tour of the Toyota Motors Assembly Plant, Kabuki, and additional trips to Kyoto and Ise.
  • Activities with local Nanzan students (Ie. Japan Plaza) 


  • 3 types of housing for Soka students: Homestay or 3 types of Student Dormitories
  • Meal stipends provided for those who need them.

Location Info:

  • Nagoya – 3rd largest city after Tokyo and Osaka.
  • Located just 2 hours from Tokyo and 1 hour from Osaka by train (shinkansen).
  • Nagota is famous for its castle, Tokugawa Art Museum and the headquarters of Toyota Motors.
  • Nanzan is located in the rolling hills overlooking metropolitan Nagoya, near cities of Toyota and Seto.
  • Nagoya boasts a proud history of the famous Shogun, Leyasu Tokugawa who was a native to Nagoya. Nagoya is also where Tokugawa that he built a great castle for his ninth son.