Xalapa, Mexico

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Program Provider:
BCA Abroad 


  • Spring Semester (Jan - May)
  • Fall Semester (Jul-Dec)
  • GPA – 2.6
  • At least 2 semesters of university-level Spanish
  • Students will be studying at a public, local university, University of Veracruz.
  • All students are strongly recommended to take “The Global Conversation” course, which allows students to discuss social issues and share their experiences online with other students in different BCA program sites.
  • As a Pre-Semester course, students will participate in a four-week program based at Universal Centro de Lengua y Comunicación Social in Cuernavaca, which includes visits to important historic cities and sites.
Field Trips:
  • Teotihuacan (The Pyramids of the Sun and Moon)
  • Tepoztlan
  • Ecotourism in the Tuxtlas Mountains
  • Yucatán Penninsula
  • Students will live with Mexican host families in order to further deepen your cultural immersion.
Familia Teotihaucan sari

BCA Xalapa