Senegal, Dakar

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Program Provider:
Councils on International Education and Exchange (CIEE)

  • Spring Semester (January – May)
  • Fall Semester (Late August – December)

  • Overall GPA- 2.5
  • 2 Semesters of college-level French or equivalent

  • Students take five courses each semester: three required and two elective courses.
  • The CIEE Study Center in Dakar offers students the opportunity to to immerse themselves in two of Senegal’s official languages: French and Wolof.
  • The Senegalese method requires students to take greater initiative and responsibility in a less structured environment.
  • Students will participate in African art, dance, and music; and engage in community service and/or an internship.

Field Trips:
  • Weeklong visits to rural areas in Senegal are an essential component of the cultural immersion process.
  • Mid-semester, you will travel and stay with Peace Corps volunteers or local NGO staff.
  • Day trips to the historic Gorée Island, including the Slave House, Women’s Museum, and Historical Museum.
  • Optional excursions to the fishing village and artist’s colony of Toubab Dialaw; the mangroves of the Sine-Saloum region; and the religious center of Touba.

  • Students live with a host family while living in Senegal.
  • While French is the official language of the country, Wolof is most commonly spoken in the homes of CIEE host families. Host families tend to view U.S. students as “adopted children” and expect them to eat meals and spend time with their family and friends.

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