Seville, Spain

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Program Provider: 
Councils on International Education and Exchange (CIEE)
  • Spring Semester (Jan - May)
  • Fall Semester (Sep - Dec)

  • GPA - 2.5
  • 5 semesters of university-level Spanish for Liberal Arts
  • 3-4 semesters of university- level Spanish for Language & Culture

  • Prior to departure for Sevilla, all students are required to take a CIEE online placement exam during the scheduled exam period: mid-November to mid-December for the fall semester and mid-May to mid-June for the spring semester.
  • The Language and Society program is designed for students at the intermediate Spanish language level with an interest in improving their Spanish language skills.
  • The Liberal Arts program is an advanced level Spanish course. This course is designed for students with a keen interest in Spanish society and who are looking for an opportunity to completely immerse in Spanish culture by speaking only.

  • Students live with a host family while living in Spain
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CIEE Seville - Language & Society
CIEE Seville - Liberal Arts