Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is awarded to students as part of their financial aid package. Awards are based on financial need and available funding and it comes from the Financial Aid Office of the university. Having Federal Work Study does not guarantee on campus employment, students must participate in the recruitment process by applying to current on campus job opportunities.

On Campus Employment

Any student awarded Federal Work Study is eligible to work on campus. Since there are limited jobs available for students, there is no priority given to those with a Federal Work Study. There is no guarantee of a job for a student with Federal Work Study, the student will have to apply as other students to find a job.

Off Campus Work Study

Students that are awarded Federal Work Study can get paid for an off campus internship for as long as they have funds available. Students with an off campus internship paid with Federal Work Study funds have to submit paper timesheets. The timesheets will be provided by the Human Resources office per semester.