Students employees get paid semimonthly on the 7th and 22nd of every month; but, if the pay date falls on a weekend, students will be paid the Friday prior to the weekend. All students get their pay through a direct deposit that is directly routed to their bank account. However, students will get their first check payment in the mail, so please make sure to deposit this check. All other checks should be direct deposit but a vouche will still be sent to the student's mailbox. If you want to go paperless you can do so by selecting the Go Paperless option in your timesheet account.

Students will clock-in and clock-out using ADP Workforce Now. After students get hired, Human Resources will begin the process of activating the student onto ADP.

If students forget to clock-in or clock-out and there is an error on the timesheet, they should contact their supervisor or e-mail Student Jobs at

Pay Period for the Academic Year of 2018-2019