Summer Employment

Note: graduates can work in a student position. They will be considered as part-time workers rather than student employees; therefore, the wage and hour restrictions don't follow the standard student employee rules and procedures. However, graduates cannot do summer housing. The used term 'graduates' is NOT synonymous with students in the graduate program. Those in the graduate program are student employees and have to following student employee rules and procedures.

Summer Housing

Students are allowed to house on campus during the summer. Housing comes on a first come first serve basis; therefore, when Residence Life sends out the summer housing application form through e-mail, it's best if you apply as soon as possible.

There is no requirement for summer housing other than being a current student of Soka University of America. Although it's important to note that students must put their reason for applying for summer housing on the application form. Since there is such a limited amount of space, students who have a higher purpose to summer house get priority. Most students do summer housing because they have on-campus job(s) over the summer. There are also many of those who summer house due to nearby internships and/or off-campus jobs. 

On-Campus Summer Job(s)

There are no eligibility requirement for having an on-campus summer job besides being a current student of Soka University of America. There are no minimumn workers hours student employees must work per week; however, students may only work up to 40 hours per week. Students may also have more than one job during the summer. It's up to the student to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts between their jobs. Most students who do summer employment temporarily replace the jobs of other students who are not on campus for the summer.