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Making Credit Card Payments Online

The students now have an option to make credit card payments online. Student with assign user ID and password may go to http://learn.soka.edu to sign in to the PeopleSoft system.

1) Go to Credit Card Payment Page

From Student Center:  Click on  or  go to Account Inquiry and click on  .

2) Entering Payment Amount Information

Indicate the amount you would like to pay. If the amount is a portion of the total, please indicate the breakdown of the payment. Press to show and verify the total of payment amount.

3) Enter Credit Card Information

Enter credit card information. Name & address should be the information of the credit card holder (appears on your credit card).  Soka University accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB cards.

4) Confirmation

Verify that all information (payment amount, credit card information) are correct. Click on to process your payment. Once payment is successfully authorized, the payment will be credited to your student account immediately.

Once the payment is completed, please print the confirmation page for your records.

 For further questions regarding your credit card payment, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.


Office of Student Accounts
1 University Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Fax: (949) 480-4151

Eiko Vogtman
Manager of Student Accounts
(949) 480-4129

Yumiko Dittmar
Student Accounts Assistant/Cashier
(949) 480-4043