Lions Roar: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lions Roar held if it rains?

Lions Roar is held rain or shine. If rain is expected please bring an umbrella to the event.  We will provide a bus to take you on the campus tour. 

What are my parking options?

Parking is FREE!  All guests enter through Soka's front gate. Security will direct you to park in LOT A.

Do I have to bring my reservation confirmation?

It is not necessary to bring your reservation confirmation. Our admission staff will be able to check you in when you arrive.

Where do we register for Lions Roar when we get to campus?

Registration takes place on the 1st floor of Founders Hall. Founders Hall is the domed building with columns overlooking Peace Lake. Peace Lake can be seen from the front gate. It is a very short walk from parking LOT A. 

What time does registration begin?

Lions Roar's Registration begins at 8:30 am  Many guests arrive early and we often open the doors to Founders Hall by 8:20 am. Registration takes only a few minutes.  Campus Tours and Sessions officially begin at 9 am. Guests arriving late may register until 10 am.

Do you provide refreshments in the morning?

Coffee, tea, juices and breakfast pastries are provided during registration.  Food and beverages are not permitted in classrooms.

Can you accommodate guests with walkers, canes or wheelchairs during the campus tour?

Yes.  Guests needing accommodations are asked to identify their need on the RSVP form and also call us at 888-600-SOKA x 4150.  An electric cart will be available for use. We do have some limit on the number we are able to accommodate with the cart. For this reason, we ask that you plan ahead and call us with your information.  

Is lunch provided?

A complimentary lunch is provided for the prospective student and two guests.

What types of activities are scheduled at Lions Roar?

This year Lions Roar provides an opportunity to attend some of the following sessions: Admission and Financial Aid, Student Life, Athletic Meet and Greet, Academic Panel, Study Abroad and Career Services. You will also be able to choose to participate in either a morning or afternoon student-led campus tour. The day culminates with a Talent Blast performed by students belonging to Soka's Club Senate.

What is the contact information?

Please email or call 888-600-Admission x 4150.