AdmissionSoka in Japanese means "Creating Value", and that's the core of Soka University's academic philosophy. It begins with the unique, intimate and dynamic nature of the Soka learning community. You will meet, live, and learn with people from all over America and from more than 40 nations, Argentina to Zambia. You will get an education that prepares you for a career and offers experiences that employers nationwide and worldwide are seeking. You will discover a lot of new worlds at Soka, from the newest technologies to the most ancient wisdom. You will accomplish things you never imagined.

Undergraduate Admission


If you want to make a difference, start from a totally different place. Soka University of America offers a rigorous, one-and-only academic curriculum, based on the go-anywhere-do-anything flexibility of a Liberal Arts education, powered by global focus and rich, real-world experiences.

Graduate Admission


At Soka we believe that education is the road not just to a career but to happiness, to fulfillment and to a better more peaceful, more sustainable world. Your degree will prepare you for a contributive life of meaning and change.