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All the donations that the GS alumni make to SUA are designated to “SUA Graduate School Alumni Fund.”

Our BIG dream is to reach $100,000. SUA inscribes donors’ names on a travertine stone and put it on the Founder’s Circle wall at Peace Fountain overlooking Peace Lake.

We might not achieve the goal right away, but we can definitely reach the amount one day if we make steady donations!

Wouldn’t that be great to see “SUA Graduate School Alumni” on the wall? Not to mention helping the students financially. Our donation will assist with the greatest needs on the SUA campus, which includes scholarships, library, and operations.


Richard Mazel Class of 1999 in Rhode Island), who makes regular donations, shares his view:

When I heard that SUA was offering scholarships and financial aid to many of its students, I felt it was important for me to continue sending contributions, given the current economic situation in the US. I really support the idealism of the young people at Soka and feel fortunate to be able to continue to make the cause of contributing to Soka University.

Here is what Kyoko (Akitaya) Hincapie, Class of 1995 in NJ wants to convey this to you.

[Edited by Chris Brizzard, Class of 1999 in San Francisco]

No one can grow up by him/herself. Thanks to our parents, care-givers, teachers, friends, and others, we have become who we are today. The schools at which we studied are no exception.

SUA Graduate School gave me the education to become a humanistic teacher. When I taught a freshman course at a college in Brooklyn, New York, I struggled with some students whose behaviors were quite disrespectful. Many of my colleagues suggested that I should use my authority to control the students; however, it didn’t feel right to me. I began to reflect upon myself and realized that I didn’t respect myself at all. The students could sense my insecurities and manipulated them to get what they wanted. As soon as I realized this, the students changed drastically. They wanted to open their life more to me. I would like to see more educators having opportunities not only to learn teaching methodologies but to cultivate their hearts as people.

I owe a lot to the founder of SUA as well as the school. Giving a donation is just one of the ways of repaying my debt of gratitude to them. The founder has taught me to always ask myself, “For what purpose do I do this?” Being a mother of two as well as being an educator, I would like more young people to receive such value-creating education and ask themselves why they study, why they do sports, why they get along with their friends, why they make money and for what purpose they live their lives.


We are accepting donations throughout the year.

If you are interested, please contact:

Liz Lyum


SUA Graduate School, Class of 1997