Alumni Highlight

David Laumann

David Laumann
Class of 2009
European Regional Chapter Representative

One of the key features that drew me to SUA as I left my home country of Germany in 2005 was its international student body and study abroad program. The notion of pursuing my studies amongst friends from across the globe and experiencing yet another culture in form of a study abroad stint had me set out to California in great anticipation of what was to come. Following my graduation in 2009, this drive to explore was not subdued just yet as it has kept me seeking out challenges in new environments throughout the past 9 years.

In the summer of 2009, I moved to Vietnam to work as an English teacher. While I had originally planned to only stay for a brief period of time, the exciting life in Ho Chi Minh City charmed me to remain for the good part of 2 years, which allowed me to further explore the local culture and language as well as to make lasting friendships along the way. In 2011, I decided to return to China to continue my language studies with the goal of making use of them in a professional environment. Returning to the city of my study abroad program, I studied at Tsinghua University in Beijing and interned at the Goethe Institute's Culture Program.

In 2013, I eventually returned to Europe, as I was accepted to an M.A. program in Critical Media and Cultural Studies at SOAS University in London. While the course was predominantly focused on sociology, it also covered topics regarding media production and film-making. Inspired by the latter, I worked on a documentary in the fall of 2014, covering the work and social circle of young Kashmiri journalists and artists, one of whom was my course mate.

In somewhat of a change of direction, though still media-related, I began working for the sports technology company Hawk-Eye in the spring of 2015. I started off as a Goal Line Technology Operator in the German soccer league and then worked as an Area Manager for our Champions League operations. In the fall of 2017, I served as General Manager for our German league operations before transferring to our Chinese project beginning of this year. As General Manager for our Chinese market, I am currently overseeing the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) services in the Chinese Super League among other things.

At the moment, I am living between Beijing and London, which can be challenging at times, though it is also fulfilling to use some of the core skills attained at SUA. In any case, I believe it is somewhat unavoidable to be torn between places in one way or another as an SUA alumnus. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it back to Aliso Viejo following my graduation but I am very much looking forward to next year's reunion.