Class Giving

Building Legacy on the Platinum Benefactor Wall

In November 2013, our name "Sohokai Young Founders" was proudly engraved onto the Platinum Benefactor Wall inside the Soka Performing Arts Center. With 10 graduated classes, alumni have donated in excess of $250,000. The senior class gift, a legacy that the Class of 2005 created, has become the foundation for alumni giving that cultivates a deep sense of appreciation for the education that alumni received.Since graduating, over 80% of our alumni have donated at least once to the university. In May 2014, the unveiling ceremony was held in conjunction with the ninth annual Alumni Meeting. 

Engrave Our Appreciation in Travertine Campaign

“On every path, in every stone/ Resides the founding spirit.” 
Inspired by these lyrics from the Light of Hope, a song composed by the university founder, Daisaku Ikeda, the Sohokai Alumni Association decided to launch a campaign entitled “Engrave Our Appreciation in Travertine,” with the goal of raising the final $9,623 needed to reach Founders Circle level. On February 7, 2012, only 39 days after launching the campaign, the goal of raising $100,000+ was achieved!

How was this accomplished? Determined to leave a lasting legacy, the Class of 2005 established a scholarship fund with the goal of becoming Gold Benefactors (gifting $20,000 or more) before they graduated. On May 22, 2005, just before the procession began, the first class achieved that goal. Later that evening, the class of 2005 decided that, as alumni, they would keep this scholarship fund open with the goal to one day raise $100,000+ and become Founders Circle Donors. 

Continuing on with that tradition, members from the Class of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011, have all contributed to the Alumni Scholarship Fund. Despite the many struggles and challenges post-graduation, in just 7 short years, alumni from the first seven classes have together realized this dream that the first class envisioned. This tradition of graduating seniors contributing to the Alumni Scholarship Fund continues today.

Take a Seat Campaign 

In February 2010, the “Take a Seat” Campaign was initiated and the Sohokai Alumni Association took up the challenge to raise $10,000 to sponsor a seat in the new Soka Performing Arts Center that was to be completed in May 2011. By June 2010, only 4 months after the launch of this campaign, Sohokai members collectively raised $10,000 and a permanent brass nameplate engraved with “Sohokai Young Founders Alumni Association” can be found on seat 218 in the lodge area inside the auditorium.

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