About Sohokai

Presently our alumni association consists of 15 graduating classes comprising of 1200 alumni representing 47 countries and territories throughout the world including: the United States, Japan, India, Israel, Argentina, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Peru, Switzerland, Fiji, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, Venezuela, Cambodia, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Germany, Hungary, France, Denmark, Paraguay, Uruguay, Canada, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Many SUA graduates throughout the world are contributing to their respective communities as they pursue diverse careers in such fields as education, research, government, non-profit organizations, finance, media, and the arts.

The History of Our Name:
At our first annual alumni meeting, on May 21, 2006, the name “Young Founders,” the association’s mottoes, principles, and logo were formally established. Shortly afterwards on May 5, 2007, SUA’s founder, Daisaku Ikeda, officially gave SUA’s undergraduate alumni the Japanese name Sohokai (Soka Treasures Group). Our official name is Soka University of America Alumni Association: Sohokai Young Founders, but we are commonly known as Sohokai for short.

Our Logo & Flag:
Our alumni association’s logo, the Soka education emblem inside an inverted triangle, was designed by alumni to symbolize our mission as proud graduates of SUA. The Soka education emblem is comprised of a pen nib, which represents wisdom, flanked by stylized wings that symbolize the ability to utilize knowledge and wisdom for the welfare of humanity.

The inverted triangle represents a triad of the Founder, the University, and the Alumni. This visually expresses the interdependent relationship of these three components and how Soka education began with the vision of the Founder. Then, the foundation of Soka education was established with the University. Then, the mission of SUA and the ideals of Soka education will be realized by the steady stream of Alumni, who are going out into the world and living contributive lives.

On May 5, 2009, our official alumni association flag was introduced. The flag consists of our association’s logo in a field of light cerulean blue representing the boundless sky overlooking SUA’s campus.