Recreation and Equipment Check-out

Soka Recreation has everything you'll need to play and train without the confines of either instruction or formal competition. You and your friends can stop by our Equipment Center during open hours and check out all of the gear you will need.

Indoors or outdoors, Old School or X Games, we're here to serve your needs:

Aquatics Frisbee Soccer Volleyball, indoor & outdoor
Badminton Golf Softball Water polo
Basketball Lawn Games  
Squash Whiffleball
Bocce Martial Arts Table Tennis  
Fitness Racquetball Tennis Yoga
Flag Football  

The use of equipment is one of the benefits available to students in the area of Recreation and Fitness. This equipment can be in the form of large items (weight room machines, cardio machines, etc.) that must remain in the Recreation Complex or they may be smaller and portable (basketballs, golf equipment, camping gear , etc.), for use either on- or off-campus.

A list of our gear includes:

  •        Aquatics: Kickboards, Aquajoggers , Aquatic Noodles
  •        Badminton: Indoor nets and standards, Racquets, Shuttlecocks
  •        Basketball: Balls, Goals
  •        Fitness: Aerobic Steps, Body Fat measurement, Stretching/Yoga Mats, Stretching Straps
  •        Football: Balls, Flags & Belts
  •        Frisbee/Frisbee Golf: Discs, 9-hole disc golf course
  •        Golf: Clubs (3-woods, 5-irons, 9-irons, Putters-all left and right handed), Plastic range balls, Range balls, Hitting Net
  •        Lawn games: Bocce Set, Croquet
  •        Martial Arts: Wrestling mats, Zebra mats
  •        Racquetball: Racquets, Balls, Eyewear
  •        Soccer, indoor & outdoor: Balls, Goals and nets
  •        Softball/Baseball/Whiffleball: Balls, Bases, Bats, Gloves (left and right handed)
  •        Squash: Balls, Racquets, Eyewear
  •        Table Tennis: Balls, Paddles, Portable Table
  •        Tennis: Balls, Racquets, Squeegees (after wet weather)
  •        Volleyball, indoor & outdoor: Balls, Nets and standards
  •        Water polo, Balls, Goals
  •        Miscellaneous: Ball bags, Cones, First aid kits, Flashlights, Flip scorers, Jerseys, Stopwatches, Wakeboard, Whistles
  •        For Purchase: 1½" Athletic Tape, Racquetballs, Shuttlecocks, Squash Balls, Tennis Balls