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Team Tradition & Guidelines

Attendance Policy

Training Expectations

Travel Guidelines

Academic Guidelines

Taking Care of Yourself

This is a critical component to your season.  The exciting reality is that this is solely “Your” responsibility.  It includes but is not limited to:

We encourage all of you to participate in the Soka Experience.  This will be different for each one of you.  Please be conscious of the fact that you will have to juggle and prioritize your time, energy, and commitments to your activities.  Also recognize that these decisions and choices are interrelated and affect the quality of your experience.  These are your choices; take ownership of them and ask if they are consistent with the goals that you have set for yourself as well as the team’s goals.

If a team member is not meeting the above expectations or not complying with any individual coach/swimmer arrangements and a coach/swimmer conversation fails to result in improvement, the team member may lose practice, competing, travel privileges and/or team membership.  It is a TOTAL team effort and commitment for all of us to reach our individual and team goals.