"Invisible Children: The Rough Cut" Film Screening with Former Child Soldier

Date: 04.13.2010

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Founders Hall Art Gallery First Floor

Ugandan ChildrenFree.  At 6 pm on April 13th, Invisible Children, a media-based non-profit dedicated to ending Africa's longest-running war, will be screening Invisible Children: The Rough Cut at Soka University of America in Founders Hall Art Gallery first floor. The organization exists to raise awareness about children who are abducted and forced to fight as soldiers in the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group currently terrorizing central east Africa.

The April 13th event was organized by SUA student Anushe Shoro, sophomore at SUA and Andrew Nguyen, senior at El Toro High School, and is a part of Invisible Children's Legacy Tour, where 10 teams are traveling America in vans to show films with the Ugandans who are featured.  Each team is backed by four American volunteers and, for the first time ever, a Ugandan advocate. The advocate coming to Soka University of America is Ronald. Ronald's education has been sponsored by an Invisible Children scholarship since 2006 and he is the lead debater at his school, St. Joseph's College of Layibi. He will introduce the film and answer questions afterward. 

After the success of Invisible Children's initial screening in November 2009, and moved to action by the film, SUA student Veronica Ortega organized a three and a half week intensive course during the winter block surrounding the conflict on Northern Uganda. The 13 students in the Learning Cluster course held additional screenings on-campus to raise awareness and created their own documentary that details their journey of discovering how the conflict in Northern Uganda affected them. Wanting to contribute to their community, SUA students reached out to El Toro High School's Andrew Nguyen.  

A group of students at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California give up their lunch period every week in order to attend club meetings for the organization Invisible Children. Students discussed how to spread the word about what is happening in Uganda, how to raise money for the cause, and the current progress of events. The students have organized a garage sale, video screening, and fundraisers such as selling shirts and bracelets. They have been very successful in raising awareness about the situation in Africa among their peers and community and are excited to partner with SUA.  

The film being shown is called Invisible Children: The Rough Cut. It was made in 2003 by three young men who went to Uganda looking for a story to tell the world. There they witnessed thousands of children traveling for miles each night to find a safe place to sleep. Members of the community are welcome to attend. There will be merchandise for sale, including bracelets, handbags, and t-shirts, made in Uganda. 

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