ClassWorks 2010 - Soka University's Student Art Show

Date: 05.22.2010 - 08.20.2010

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Founders Hall Art Gallery, 1st Fl

Art Gallery Studentlandscape

ClassWorks 2010 - Soka University's Student Art Show, Founders Hall Art Gallery, 1st Fl.  Continues M-F, 9 am - 5 pm, Free.

In mounting this exhibition, we offer a glimpse of our visual art students' creative accomplishments within the framework of our instructional offerings.  While our university is counted among the smaller institutions of higher learning, our international pool of creative talent is as impressive as any undergraduate student body of far greater numbers.  This striving and pride of accomplishment can also be seen in our students of Music and Dance.  The arts are an integral and required part of Soka education. 

The links between instructor and student are vital to the understanding that teaching and learning are a two way process.  Through class assignments the faculty provides instruction, technical and aesthetic guidance, allowing the students to develop proficiency as well as individual directions in their creative pursuits.  For the most part, the works on exhibit have been created by students with no prior training or background in the visual arts, yet their quest to learn new ways of expression, techniques and materials is amply illustrated.

The works are grouped according to the media, including Ceramics, Drawing, Painting and Photography.  Within each grouping are sub-groups reflecting specific projects explored in the various classes; thus the title of this exhibition, "Class Works."  As in any process of mastery of a particular medium, there is focus on a structured vision of instruction, yet, in all instances, each student's individuality asserts itself.  As our university grows and our Creative Arts Program expands, we hope to offer even more courses in Studio, Music and Dance.  We look forward to the students whose works are now on display, those who will return to Soka and those now graduating, to continue their individual developments in the media of their choice, and making creativity a continuing part of their lives.  We congratulate them all!

Despite a reference commonly used, art is not a universal language.  Each individual, and each culture for that matter, is uniquely different and uniquely valued.  Because the artist is only half of the equation, meaning and images can be variously interpreted.  The other half is you, the viewer, coming to a work of art with sensitivity and perception honed by life experience.  Art is not universal, but it is one factor in life that is universally open to interpretation and understanding.

On behalf of Prof. Mark Kirchner, (Photography), and Prof. Don Ryan, (Ceramics), I encourage you to view the works with sensitivity of your perception and to listen to the voice and creative expression of each artist.  Linger a while, and do come back.  Bring your friends! 

In Friendship,

Arie A. Galles
Prof. of Art and Director of Creative Arts