Lecture: Muslims in the People's Republic of China: Identification and Identity by Professor Jonathan Lipman

Date: 02.16.2012

Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Location: Pauling Hall 216


Jonathan LipmanJonathan Lipman, Felicia Gressitt Bock Professor of Asian Studies at Mount Holyoke College, is a wide-ranging scholar and teacher. He covers all of East Asia in his courses and connects East and West Asia in his research.  Specializing in the study of Islam and Muslims in China, he favors a comparative approach to the study of culture and history, emphasizing connections and similarities as much as distances and differences. His publications include: Familiar Strangers: A History of Muslims in Northwest China (University of Washington Press), and Imperial Japan:  Expansion and War, A Humanities Approach to Japanese History Part III (Boulder:  Social Science Education Consortium). He has also published dozens of articles, book chapters, papers, and reviews on ethnicity, religion, and difference in Chinese history. With colleagues in history and anthropology, he edited Violence in China: Essays in Culture and Counterculture (SUNY Press) and Remapping China:  Fissures in Historical Terrain (Stanford University Press). His most recent publication, co-authored with Barbara Moloney and Michael Robinson, is Modern East Asia: an Integrated History (Prentice Hall). His current projects include a biography of Yusuf Ma Zhu, a Chinese Muslim scholar and gentryman of the 17th century.

This lecture is free and open to the community.

Sponsored by Soka University's International Studies Concentration.

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