Lecture: The Kims' Three Bodies: Dynastic Succession and its Antecedents in North Korea by Bruce Cumings, PhD, University of Chicago

Date: 04.23.2012

Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Pauling Hall 216

Bruce Cumings

North Korea is the most remarkable example in the world of a communist system being captured by the indigenous political culture, resulting in a family dynasty masquerading as a politburo. Because there is no legitimation for this in the Marxist tradition, monarchy has been smuggled in through the back door, as has a ruling ideology sharing more in common with Hegelian thought and neo-Confucianism than with communism. At the same time this is the most remarkable garrison state in the world, with a huge and enormously influential military (4th largest in the world). Professor Cumings, University of Chicago Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History, will discuss these aspects of the North Korean regime, as well as its most recent agreements and conflicts with the Obama administration.


Presented by Pacific Basin Research Center (PBRC) of Soka University