Student Movement for Nuclear Disarmament Conference

Date: 11.16.2013

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Location: Pauling Hall 216

David KriegerShigeko SasamoriSMND 2013 Nuclear Disarmament Conference - Dialogue as a Force for Peace

Free admission, open to all interested!

"SMND is holding its 2nd annual conference with the theme "Dialogue as a force for peace".
We think that dialogue between people and countries can help us attain peace, what do you think?

We will

  • open the event with a few short presentations by SUA alumni and students on topics related to nuclear abolition
  • present the student created, One Thousand Origami Cranes Peace Project
  • hear from the amazing Shigeko Sasamori, an atomic bomb victim who now lives in the United States.
  • have a dialogue with Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's David Krieger who has authored many books including Choose Hope with our university's founder- Daisaku Ikeda."


1 pm Opening Words by Dr. Jay Heffron 

Student Presentations:

                              Josie Parkhouse- Finding Hope in a nuclear age

                              Corina Velasquez- What does the bomb cost you?

                              Toko Itaya- Women and civil participation on the road to zero

                              Hiromi Odari- Health effects of the nuclear age

                              Clarisse Lee- A new way of thinking

                              Aoi Sato- The United Nation Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

 1:50 pm  Break - Refreshments served

 2:00 pm  Account by hibakusha (victim of the 1945 atomic bombings) and peace activist Shigeko Sasamori followed by Q&A

 3:00 pm  Dialogue/Q&A with Nuclear Age Peace Foundation President David Krieger

 3:55 pm  Wrap up

Information about the 3 guest speakers, Aoi Sato, Shigeko Sasamori and David Krieger: 

Aoi Sato graduated in 2012 as part of the 8th class of Soka University of America. She was one of the founders of the SMND club and her capstone was on the Fukushima incident. Aoi is currently studying for her Masters in Non-proliferation and Terrorism studies at Monterey and will be presenting on the NPT. 

Shigeko Sasamori was 13 years old and less than a mile away when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. She lived to tell her experience and for the last 30 years has been an activist for peace. She is one of the few surviving Hiroshima Maidens, a group of young women who were sponsored to come to the US by Norman Cousins to receive reconstructive surgery. She currently lives in LA. 

David Krieger is a founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and has served as President of the Foundation since 1982. Under his leadership the Foundation has initiated many innovative and important projects for building peace, strengthening international law and abolishing nuclear weapons. He has lectured throughout the United States, Europe and Asia on issues of peace, security, international law, and the abolition of nuclear weapons. He serves on the boards and advisory council of numerous peace and justice organization the world over and is a founder of Abolition 2000, a global network of over 2000 organizations and municipalities committed to the elimination of nuclear weapons. He has written and edited numerous studies and books about peace and nuclear weapons, he also engaged in dialogue with Daisaku Ikeda which was published in the book Choose Hope.

About SMND
Student Movement for Nuclear Disarmament (SMND) is a student club at Soka University of America that was formed in February 2012. The purpose of our club is to stimulate dialogue, educate, and raise awareness amongst students about nuclear weapons, whilst working towards global nuclear disarmament. This is our first conference, something we hope to make an annual event on campus.