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Ryan Ashley Caldwell - Assistant Professor of Sociology

Ryan Ashley CaldwellDr. Ryan Ashley Caldwell was nominated for SAGE's Prize for Innovation and Excellence 2009, for her article entitled "The Role of Gender in ‘Expressive' Abuse at Abu Ghraib," published in Sage's journal, Cultural Sociology.  Sage is a major international publisher in the social sciences and they chose 5 other articles for this award pool.

Kristi M. Wilson - Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition & Director of the Writing Program

Kristi WilsonDr. Kristi M. Wilson won a Pacific Basin Research Center summer grant for her project:  Documenting ‘Political Genocide' in Latin America: Documentary Visual Rhetoric's Impact on International Law.  In the fall of 2007, drawing upon legal precedents established during the Nuremberg Trials, the Argentine Supreme Court made an unprecedented decision to do away with a set of amnesty laws called Punto Final. These laws provided court-protected immunity to military officers and civilian leaders for crimes against humanity committed during The Dirty War, a period of history between 1976 and 1983 in which an estimated 30,000 people were brutally tortured, killed and disappeared in an international, collective genocide referred to as Operation Condor (or Plan Condor 1973-1980). Operation Condor's success at fighting what was perceived to be international terrorism depended upon the close cooperation of the military governments of Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

Robert Elliott Allinson - Professor of Philosophy 

Robert Elliott AllinsonDr. Robert Elliott Allinson was personally invited to submit his peer reviewed single author books, peer reviewed single author book chapters and peer reviewed single author journal articles on Chinese philosophy to the American Philosophical Association, the largest professional association of philosophers, for use in the teaching of Chinese philosophy in universities throughout America.

Gaye Christoffersen - Associate Professor of Political Science

Gaye ChristoffersenDr. Gaye Christoffersen has had an article just published, titled "Russia's breakthrough into the Asia-Pacific: China's role," in International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (2009). This journal is published by Oxford University Press in association with the Japan Association of International Relations. The article can be accessed at: