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Anthony I. MazerollAnthony I. Mazeroll - Professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Studies

Dr. Anthony I. Mazeroll, Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology was recently interviewed on a weekly radio show called the "Blue Zoo" from Cleveland, OH.  This was the second time that Dr. Mazeroll has been interviewed on this radio show.  Dr. Mazeroll's research and Learning Clusters in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as SUA, were highlighted on the show.  The Blue Zoo has a weekly listenership of approx. 103,000, of which 23,000+ are live listeners during the Monday night broadcasts, 71,000+ are iTunes subscriber listeners, and 8,000+ listen by download archives of the broadcasts on Sportstalknetwork.  Blue Zoo Radio ranks #62 out of 9,556 podcasts on iTunes, and Blue Zoo TV ranks #7 out of 4,500 video podcasts under the subject "hobby" on iTunes, as well.

M. Robert HamersleyM. Robert Hamersley - Assistant Professor of Microbiology

An article by Dr. M. Robert Hamersley entitled, "Water Column Anammox and Denitrification in a Temperate Permanently-Stratified Lake" (Lake Rassnitzer, Germany) was published in the Journal, Systematic and Applied Microbiology, published by Elsevier, the world's leading publisher of science and health information. Dr. Hamersley's article describes novel microbiological activity in a restored coal mining pit lake.  Dr. Hamersley also received a research grant from the Newport Bay Naturalists and Friends Research Committee for a research proposal entitled: "Nutrient and Metal Removal from Urban Runoff by Freshwater Wetlands Fringing Newport Bay." He will be studying the role of wetlands in purifying polluted urban water before it enters the Bay.

Robert Elliott AllinsonRobert Elliott Allinson - Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Robert Elliott Allinson is pleased to share news with SUA of the publication of his peer reviewed single-author journal article, "How to Achieve Ethical Goals for Business: The Rise of Technology and the Spirit of Global Corporate Responsibility," Wojciech W. Gasparski and Timo Airaksonen (eds.), Praxiology and the Philosophy of Technology: The International  Annual of Practical Philosophy and Methodology 15, Transaction Publishers,  New Brunswick, NJ. pp. 271-289. The sub-title of his article is a nod to Max Weber.  However, now the issue is not Protestantism and the rise of  Capitalism, but rather Technology and the rise of Globalism. Transaction Publishers is a distinguished publishing house long known for its  publication of Society, devoted to addressing problems in society.  With regard to his works on business ethics, Dr. Allinson was deeply  honored and treasures an unsolicited hand written-letter commending his works by one of the reviewers. It was from the 20th century legendary sociologist, the late Professor David Riesman, Professor Emeritus of Harvard University, author of the well-known, historical work, The Lonely Crowd. 

Mark Kirchner - Adjunct Instructor - Photography

Mr. Mark Kirchner's triptych portrait of visual anthropologist John Collier, Jr. (1913-1992) and his anecdotal writings are now included in the permanent collection of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico at Albuquerque.  A set of Mr. Kirchner's documentary photographs at the Manzanar National Historic Site was recently included in the American and British History Collection, Green Library, and Stanford University.  Mr. Kirchner's solo exhibit, Pictures in Protest, a continuing documentary project of the Proposition 8 protest and activists in Southern California, was shown recently at The Center/Long Beach.

Esther Chang - Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Esther Chang is the first author on an article based on her dissertation work in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence. This article reported on a study that introduced a conceptual framework for understanding agency within the parent-child relationship. The article, entitled "Shared Agency with Parents for Educational Goals: Ethnic Differences and Implications for College Adjustment" is currently available online through Open Access at or directly on this Article Link. The co-authors of the article are her former dissertation committee members at University of California, Irvine: Jutta Heckhausen, Ellen Greenberger, and Chuansheng Chen. Dr. Chang was also invited to present this work at the University of California, Riverside's Department of Psychology brown bag series January 4, 2010.

James SpadyJames Spady - Assistant Professor of American History

Dr. James Spady attended the National American Studies Association conference, November 5-8, in Washington DC as the California representative to the Regional Chapters Committee.  Dr. Spady was chosen to be the new interim chair of that committee for the 2010 meeting. He also shopped around his book proposal and promoted the April 2010 meeting of the California American Studies Association, for which he is on the program committee.