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United Nations Study Tour

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The Fourth SUA United Nations Study Tour took place from March 14-16, 2010.  Due to the generous support of the Luis and Linda Nieves Family Foundation, twenty SUA undergraduates spent their Spring Break in New York City, accompanied by Dr. Lisa MacLeod, Professor of International Studies and Ms. Diana Ueda, Assistant to the Office of Student Affairs.   In addition to touring the UN Headquarters building, they attended briefings by UN staff on topics ranging from climate change to human trafficking. Each briefing was followed by a lively question and answer period. In addition to meetings with professionals working for the UN system, SUA students met with New Zealand's former Ambassador Colin Keating (Executive Director, Security Council Report), US Diplomat Josh Black (US-UN Mission) and Hiro Sakurai (President of the NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security). The week concluded with an opportunity to observe the United Nations Security Council in session.

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One student participant, Alessandra Aristimuno (Class of 2013) noted that participation in the UN Study Tour was "an amazing opportunity to learn about the UN by first-hand experience... not only was I able to have an inside perspective of the UN and what it is to work with the UN but I was able to establish friendships with upperclassmen and with Professor MacLeod. What I most appreciate from the trip was that I was able to meet UN representatives and engage in direct and sometimes personal conversations with them.  Most of them were very open about their experience and their job at the UN, but my favorite ones were June Toda on behalf of UNICEF, Colin Keating on behalf of the Security Council Report (SCR), and Fumie Nakamura on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)."

Another student participant, Ali Ahsan (Class of 2011) found the tour to be "a remarkable opportunity...we visited the U.S. Mission to the U.N. and spoke informally and directly with an associate of Ambassador Susan Rice. Then there was a rare and highly anticipated chance to sit through a Security Council meeting. As a member of the Soka Model UN Organization, these were my personal highlights. But if you were to ask another student, they might expound upon the model photographer-turned-photojournalist for the Human Security Unit, or the pragmatic and invigorating discussion with New Zealand's former Ambassador to the U.N. All in all, I am sincerely grateful to our school for this experience. The only fitting way to say thank you is to urge other students to seize this opportunity."