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Marie-Rose Logan

Marie-Rose Logan - Professor of European and Comparative Literature

Dr. Marie-Rose Logan, Professor of European and Comparative Literature, published an article, "Is Zarathustra Still A Scholar? The Future of Philology," in Volume 37, Number 3, Fall 2010 (pp.79-89) of boundary 2, an international journal of literature and culture published  by Duke University Press and edited by Paul Bove. The volume which is guest-edited by the noted literary theorist, Daniel T. O'Hara, is entitled "The Philological Imagination." In his introduction, O'Hara acknowledges that the notion of "philological imagination" was originally coined by Dr. Logan and best describes the current direction of literary critical scholarship.  Concurrently Dr. Logan edited Tropologies for the 21st Century, a special issue of Annals of Scholarship, Vol.19, Number 1, which appeared in Summer 2010. In the introduction Dr. Logan highlights--at the close of this first decade--the return of the author, the use of scientific paradigms in literary analysis, as well as the resurgence lyricism. The volume features essays by Angus Fletcher, Karla FC Holloway, Stanley Salthe, Victoria Alexander and others. On September 6-8, Dr. Logan participated in "Don Quixote's Racial Other," a symposium organized by Professor Baltasar Fra-Molinero, Chair of the Spanish Department, at Bates College in Lewiston, ME.

Ryan Ashley Caldwell

Ryan Ashley Caldwell - Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Ryan Ashley Caldwell is a consultant for the military trial for Jeremy Morlock, and attended his Article 32 hearing at Ft. Lewis on September 27 and 28th in Seattle, Washington.  Morlock and his fellow soldiers stand accused of premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit premeditated murder.

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Also, Dr. Caldwell will be presenting a paper this month at the National Social Science Association meeting in Reno, Nevada, entitled "Queer and the Culture of Kinship in Paris is Burning."

Robert Elliott Allinson

Robert Elliott Allinson - Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Robert Elliott Allinson, Professor of Philosophy, is pleased to share with the SUA community that his single-authored journal article, "The Butterfly, the Mole and the Sage" has been published by Asian Philosophy, Vol. 19., No.3, pp. 213-223. Asian Philosophy, known for its 90% rejection rate, is regarded as a Class A journal in the field that is double-blind, and double peer reviewed. Professor Burton Watson from Columbia University, regarded as the eminent 20th-21st century translator of Chinese and Japanese classics, especially the Lotus Sutra, in a featured review in the prestigious international Journal of Chinese Philosophy founded almost 40 years ago, comments on Dr. Allinson's re-arrangement of the classical text, the first re-arrangement since Kuo Hsiang's arrangement in the 3rd Century CE.  He states:
"We should welcome essays such as these of Robert Allinson that throw new light on the Chuang Tzu and enrich our appreciation of it through the method of literary and philosophical analysis ... Allinson's analyses of the literary devices of the text and their philosophical implications and effectiveness, particularly the brilliant concluding chapter, 'The Goose That Cackles,' is a work of literature in its own right."
Dr. Allinson is also pleased to share that he is the number one cited scholar with respect to citations by scholars to the works of Chuang-Tzu (Zhuangzi) and Chuang Chou (Zhuang Zhou).