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Robert Hamersley Robert Hamersley - Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Director of Environmental Studies

Dr. Robert Hamersley gave an invited talk to the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles as part of their Coastal Ocean Seminar series entitled “Nitrogen fixation associated with hypoxic basins of the Southern California Bight.” The talk reported on research conducted with colleagues on the activities of hitherto unknown bacteria in the deep anoxic waters off the coast of California, which contribute new nitrogen to support algal growth.

Ryan Ashley Caldwell

Ryan Ashley Caldwell - Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Ryan Ashley Caldwell participated in the war crimes trial of Jeremy Morlock as an expert witness.  Her job was to provide a sociological analysis and account of the social environment within which deviance occurred at FOB Ramrod in Afghanistan.  Please see the links below for a summary of the defense strategy.