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Soka University receives The Light of Hope song from its Founder

Aliso Viejo, CA – Soka University of America has been honored by the creation of a special song, “The Light of Hope,” written by the university founder, Daisaku Ikeda, in commemoration of SUA’s 10th anniversary, which is being celebrated throughout 2011. Inspired by the accomplishments that Soka University has achieved over the past ten years, Mr. Ikeda worked on this song over the past two months in preparation for its debut at the President’s Welcome Reception for the incoming Class of 2015 on August 10th. SUA president, Daniel Habuki, PhD, accepted the song with gratitude, saying “I am deeply moved by Mr. Ikeda’s expectations for SUA, our students and each of us in being the light of hope for the future.” 



Lyrics by Shin'ichi Yamamoto (pen name for SUA's Founder, Daisaku Ikeda)

Music by Shin'ichi Yamamoto and Wayne Green


In the morning mist, courageously I stand

Determined to fulfill

the dance of my mission

All at once the sun appears above the hill

And our campus is bathed in gold


Arise from here

Keep shining on

Beyond a thousand years!

On every path, in every stone

Resides the founding spirit

This spirit is my own

For the sake of the people,

I will study and learn fearlessly

And without cease.

And for the world

Create a new future of

Happiness for humankind.

It is my earnest vow

To climb the steep hill

of learning

In pursuit of my youthful dreams.


A determined youth

Emerges from the earth

The beating pulse of life

Grows stronger as we gather

Global citizens

Uniting here as friends

And triumphant, the day begins


Here and now it starts

As youthful passion

Burning in our hearts

No education surpasses that

Of trials and hardships

Harsh lessons learned of life

We’ll go into society

And do the best we can

To shatter the dark of night!

To live a life

Engaged in new construction

Our hearts forever bound

As one.

Today we live our vow

Creating bridges of dialogue

So justice may be done


Underneath a shining

canopy of stars

We ponder the words of thinkers

through the ages:

"My young friends,

I entrust my dreams to you.

I am counting on you"


Throughout the world

To be the change that finally unfurls

The gleaming banner of humanity

The flag of freedom, for all the world to see

Be philosophers who bring about

A renaissance of life!

Open the way for peace!

This wounded world

Awaits us all

If our courageous hearts

will heed the call

I offer and dedicate to you

The pride of an indomitable life

Committed to the achievement

Of one’s youthful vow

I offer and dedicate to you

The light of hope

That rises above all hardships

And makes every dream come true