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Soka Performing Arts Center's Grand Opening


On Saturday, September 17, the Grand Opening of Soka Performing Arts Center at Soka University of America (SUA) was held featuring the Pacific Symphony with musical director, Carl St. Clair, and featured pianist, Horacio Gutierrez.  

soka edu

The doors opened at 7:00 p.m. and we welcomed a total of 683 patrons, including members of our faculty, staff and students, for an unforgettable evening.


David Palmer, the General Manager of the performing arts center, shared that he truly felt privileged to participate in the opening of such a beautiful facility, and as he mentioned in his welcome remarks for the opening, “the hall truly speaks for itself.” 

David Palmer

The program also included words from SUA President, Danny Habuki, who shared his appreciation to everyone for their continuous support. 

Danny Habuki SPAC opening

Pacific Symphony SPAC
Following the dynamic pieces from the Pacific Symphony, a post-concert reception was held in the lobby of the performing arts center. 

mayor and danny
After a successful night, David Palmer expressed his appreciation to everyone who worked behind the scenes, including the student and staff volunteers who assisted with various aspects of the event.  He added, “Everyone involved has been delightful to work with, including, Sam Morales, who has been invaluable from the beginning.  With the addition of Michael Latimer to the team, we have a great backstage crew. A special thanks to Bon Appetit and the Facilities staff who did an outstanding job preparing for the opening night. Shannon Blas, Emma Ah Sing and Lee Davis, along with our brand new student workers, did an outstanding job in the box office. We were able to get everyone ticketed and in their seats to start right on time.”

spac stage crew

Photos courtesy of Mitsu Kimura, University Archivist and Photographer, and Justin Kunimoto, Assistant to the University Archivist and Photographer