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Arie Galles

Arie Galles - Professor of Painting/Drawing

An article about Professor Arie Galles’ Drawing Suite titled, “Arbeit An Der Erinnerung:  Arie Galles’ “Fourteen Stations/Hey Yud Dalet” by Professor Britta Frede-Wenger, was published in the German magazine, meditation. zeitschrift für chrisltiche spiritualität und lebensgestaltung 17, no.4 (2011):41-48. 

Marie-Rose Logan

Marie-Rose Logan, Professor of European & Comparative Literature 

Dr. Marie-Rose Logan is pleased to announce the publication of "Don Quixote's Racial Other," Part II, Vol.19.3 of Annals of Scholarship, the interdisciplinary journal of which she is General Editor. On November 15 and 16, Dr. Logan was the guest of the SUNY-Albany English Department. She lectured on her upcoming book, Myth and the Transformation of Language, and led two workshops on editing and publishing, one for faculty and one for graduate students. On November 18, as an elected member of Yale GSAA, she participated in a workshop aimed at helping graduate students find jobs in academe and related fields such as publishing. 

Robert Elliott Allinson

Robert Elliott Allinson - Professor of Philosophy

The Palgrave Handbook of Spirituality and Management published two invited chapters, ‘Confucianism and Taoism’ and ‘Aristotle and Economics’ by Dr. Allinson in its 2011 publication. These two chapters explain the contributions both ancient Chinese philosophy and ancient Greek philosophy make in presenting solutions that address inequities and inefficiencies affecting modern society.  His chapter, ‘Confucianism and Taoism,’ draws upon many years of university teaching in Hong Kong, China, and Japan. His chapter, ‘Aristotle and Economics,’ brings to light little known dimensions of Aristotle’s contributions to economics.