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Arie Galles

Arie Galles - Professor of Painting/Drawing & Director of Creative Arts Program

Professor Galles’ “Fourteen Stations/Hey Yud Dalet” was exhibited (March 11-April 26, 2014), at Northern Arizona University Museum, Flagstaff, AZ. “Wounded Landscapes: Post-Holocaust Drawings, Artist’s Books and Paintings” an exhibition of Galles’ and Karen Baldner’s artworks organized by Professor Bjorn Krondorfer, Director of the Martin-Springer Institute at NAU.

On March 26th, Galles and Baldner, speaking as “second-generation” Jewish artists, presented their work to NAU students and Flagstaff community members.

On March 27th, Galles and Sara Nuss-Galles, Writing Specialist at Soka Writing Center, spoke at a Q & A session to NAU students about their families’ time as refugees from the Nazis who survived the war in the Soviet Union.

Galles’ suite of 20 graphite drawings, “PepperTree,” opened on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Krishnamurti Foundation of America, Ojai, CA. The show runs through the end of June 2014.

James Spady

James Spady - Associate Professor of American History

Dr. James Spady traveled to the Western Social Science Association meeting with two students, Mari Kawasaki and Devan Torbert, who presented research conducted with Jamila Snell and Alex Scott in his "Cultures of Learning" seminar last fall. The students' research focused on power and colonial themes in the formation of the United States government's Native American education project in Riverside known as "Sherman Institute." The paper, presented April 4 in Albuquerque, focused on a case of embezzlement and fraud by the institution's first director. The most notable aspect of the research is the fact that the students worked with documents from the 1890s that scholars have never investigated systematically. The story of fraud they reported has escaped attention since the early twentieth century, yet it is significant for what it reveals about the colonial dynamics of bureaucratic governance in the early Native American boarding school projects initiated by the USA.

Dongyoun Hwang

Dongyoun Hwang - Professor of Asian Studies

Dr. Dongyoun Hwang published a new article entitled, “Yan’an: A Revolutionary Base of the Chinese Revolution or a Node in the Networks of Eastern Asian Radicals?” in The Korean Historical Review Vol. 221 (March 2014), pp. 117-152. He also presented a paper at a panel organized for the 10th European Social Science History Conference held in Vienna, Austria, April 23-26. His paper was on Korean anarchists and their Idea of National United Front from 1936 to 1945.