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Michael Golden, Professor of Music Composition, Director Creative Arts Program

In February, Prof. Golden joined the Min-On Music Research Institute (MOI) as a Research Fellow, and participated in its launch in Tokyo.  MOI is an international team of scholars investigating the potential application of music in peacebuilding activities.  In March, he presented his paper, “The Music In and Of Ecology,” at the Balance/Unbalance Conference in Phoenix, and in April, presented the same work at the Humanities Education and Research Association in San Francisco.

Monika Calef – Assistant Professor of Physical Geography 

Dr. Monika Calef in collaboration with Dr. Anna Varvak – Associate Professor of Mathematics – and three other authors published their paper "Recent changes in annual area burned in Interior Alaska: the impact of fire management" in the online journal "Earth Interactions" by the American Meteorological Society. Professor Calef was subsequently interviewed by High Country News for an article about the results from this work.  

Gail E. Thomas – Professor of Sociology

Professor Gail Thomas participated in the April 2015 International Democratic Education New Zealand Conference.  Participants were from 25 countries and engaged around the conference theme of “Unity through Diversity.” Thomas argued  in her presentation, “Beyond Jobs:  Education for the Welfare and Health of our Children and Communities,” that beyond education for jobs and a productive workforce, education must give priority to equipping learners to live an authentic and fulfilling life; and to contribute to healthy and humanistic communities and schools. Keynote conference speakers includedDr. Rangimarie Turuki Pere, a Maori elder with a track record in education and community development; Justo& Ana Yris Mendez, Founders of Puerto Rico’s Nuestra Escuela, an education project that serves talented youth who have left conventional schools; and Yaacov Hecht, Founder of IDEC and Israel’s Hadera Democratic Schools.

Arie A. Galles – Professor of Art, Creative Arts Program

Professor Arie Galles, Creative Arts Program, has had two of his “GRAFFITE” series graphite drawings, “MoonFields X” and “MoonFields XIV,” included in the Art section of the May 2015 issue of The Golden Handcuffs Review.   The works are two out of the sixty graphite drawings which were a point of creative departure for the suite of sixty poems by Jerome Rothenberg, also titled “GRAFFITE.”

Rebecca Tarlau – Visiting Professor of Educational Leadership and Societal Change

​Rebecca Tarlau published a new article in the March 2015 in Mobilization: An International Quarterly, one of the top political sociology journals for the study of social movements. The article examines how political regimes structure the strategies atavists can effectively utilize to transform public institutions, in this case, the Brazilian public school system.