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Robert Allinson – Professor of Philosophy

Robert Elliott Allinson, has published his single-authored double-blind refereed article, 'The Four Dimensions of Aesthetic Experience: Collingwood and Beyond,' for The European Society for Aesthetics, Edited by Fabian Dorsch and Dan-Eugen Ratiu, Department of Philosophy, University of Fribourg, Volume 8, 2016, pp. 24-37. Professor Allinson analyzes the aesthetic theories of three major figures from the History of Philosophy, Plato, Kant, and Collingwood to provide three dimensions of aesthetic experience to prepare the groundwork for a missing fourth dimension by adding his original philosophical contribution in order to create an all-inclusive theory of aesthetics.  Professor Allinson combines the concept of Beauty from Plato, the concept of Disinterested Pleasure from Kant, and the concept of Emotional Expression from Collingwood with his own concept of Redemptive Transformation in order to create a comprehensive theory of aesthetics that encompasses both classical and contemporary works of art.

Deike Peters

On Monday, February 13, 2017, Professor Deike Peters and her colleague Anastasia Sideris, Associate Provost and Professor of Urban Planning at UCLA, were the featured presenters for an official California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) public webinar entitled "Station-area Planning and Design for High-Speed Rail."

In other news, Deike would like to thank everyone at SUA for the moral support and encouragement she received from fellow faculty, staff and students in the last six months while training for the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon which took place on Sunday, March 19. She had a great race and finished in 3:53:52."

Kristi Wilson – Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

Tomas Crowder-Taraborrelli – Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies

Drs. Kristi M. Wilson and Tomas Crowder-Taraborrelli have received a grant from the Ford Foundation to help support their work on the upcoming Visible Evidence XXIV conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina (August 2 – 6, 2017). The conference will feature over 350 participants from around the world and several prominent documentary filmmakers. The JustFilms office of the Ford Foundation supports projects that aim to reduce inequality with respect to visual storytelling, film and media projects. A portion of the grant will be used to fund smaller grants which will help Latin American scholars attend the conference. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Crowder-Taraborrelli are especially grateful to the Office of Sponsored Research here at SUA, for ongoing support with all stages of the grant process. 

Arie Galles – Professor of Painting/Drawing

Professor Arie A. Galles, Creative Arts Program, has exhibited his drawing, "GNADENTOD," ("MERCIFUL DEATH") at the Josephinum, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.  The exhibition title is: Mastering Death: Artistic Perspectives  Contemporary Artists on Medical Ethics from the Nazi Doctor's Trial to the Present.  The exhibition dates are: March 2, 2017- April 1, 2017. For detailed information and brochure from the exhibition, please click:

Ted Lowe – Associate Professor of Anthropology

Michael Weiner – Professor of East Asian History & International Studies, Assistant Dean of Faculty

Ian Read – Associate Professor of Latin American Studies

In February, Professors Ted Lowe, Michael Weiner, and Ian Read presented research papers at a two-day conference titled "'The Shape of Global Disease" and sponsored by the Department of Liberal Studies at Cal State Fullerton.  Professor Lowe presented a paper titled "Suicide Epidemics, Neoliberal Development, and the Image of the Recalcitrant Native in Oceania." This paper examined the formation of networks of expertise that studied emergent suicide epidemics in the region at the end of the 20th century and how these acted as forms of "governmentality at a distance" in an era of postcolonial and neoliberal political-economic transformations in Oceania.

Professor Weiner's presentation was titled  "An Imagined Epidemic: Leprosy and Leprosy Control in 20th Century Japan." The focus of this paper was the involuntary incarceration and criminalization of Hansen's disease sufferers by the Japanese state. Weiner analyzed how social and medical policies toward and the treatment of Hansen's disease sufferers were shaped within the context of the transformation of Japan from a weak and fragmented state on the Asian periphery to a modern imperial power.

Professor Read presented "Tragedy the Tropic of Capricorn: Nineteenth Century Globalization and Epidemiological Change on Two Sides of South America." Ian Read's paper argued that Brazil and Chile were commonly viewed by visitors and residents as having exceptionally healthy climates and peoples between the sixteenth to early nineteenth century.  When this reputation changed suddenly and dramatically in correspondence with unfamiliar and destructive epidemics caused in part by European trade and immigration, Brazil lost its exceptional "healthy" status in the "torrid zone," with important implications for pseudo-scientific theories of white supremacy.  All three papers were part of more extensive projects. Several SUA students who had expressed interest also attended the conference.

Monika Calef – Associate Professor of Physical Geography & Director of Environmental Studies and Anna Varvak – Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr.s Monika Calef and Anna Varvak presented their recent research paper 'How human fires differ from lightning fires in Interior Alaska' at the Association of American Geographers meeting in Boston, MA in early April.

The last weekend in April, Dr. Monika Calef and three Soka Environmental Studies seniors attended the California Geographic Society meeting in El Cajon. The three students presented their capstone research. Fook Hong Chin (Kyle) presented 'From Master-Planned Suburb to Asian Ethnoburb: The Impact of Asian In-Migration on the Built Environment of Irvine, California (Mentor: Dr. Deike Peters), Jade James presented 'Changes in Migratory Pattern and Bird Population of the Swallow Tailed Kite' (Mentor: Dr. Monika Calef), and Wei Hong Loh presented 'Solar Energy Potential in Malaysia' (Mentor: Dr. Monika Calef). Dr. Calef again presented her research with Dr. Varvak.