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Arkansas-Based Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds Perform Indie Folk

Aliso Viejo, CA – Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds perform at Soka Performing Arts Center’s intimate Black Box Theatre on Friday, April 13, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 for adults; $16 for students, seniors and active military families; and $14 each for groups of 10 or more. Purchase tickets online at or by calling 949-480-4ART (4278).

Drawing from jazz and bluegrass, carrying a contemporary beat, the sound is deep-rooted flung-into-the-future folk. Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds work to leave their audiences glowing with the magic music can bring: genuine human connection. The Glorious Birds consists of Adams Collins (vibraphone and five-string banjo), Ezra Idlet (of Trout Fishing in America, guitar), and Keith Grimwood (of Trout Fishing in America, percussion and bass). Hailing from Costa Mesa, Purple Mountains Majesties will perform an opening act of indie retro pop.

During a solo journey to the Azores Islands in 2011, Dana Louise, a visual artist, taught herself to play guitar. The daughter of Ezra Idlet of the Grammy-nominated Trout Fishing in America, Louise forged the beginnings of her sound, practicing amidst the archipelago’s lava rocks and dragon trees. Back in the States, she began singing and songwriting professionally, touring regionally and internationally, and is currently touring her debut album with Trout Records. In a very short time, she has developed a complex lyrical style that is emotionally potent and threaded with visual imagery and her vocals are at once forceful and softly genuine

Trout Fishing in America, the Grammy-nominated duo comprised of Idlet and Grimwood, has been writing songs and performing together for almost forty years. In that time they have toured the United States, Europe, and Canada. When Trout was expanding its record company with the focus on emerging songwriters, Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds seemed like a natural fit for the label. In the course of producing the album, Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds, Grimwood and Idlet found themselves recording with the band.

Purple Mountains Majesties is comprised of a bassist, a drummer, and four front men who switch off on a variety of instruments—all types of guitar, ukulele, keys, glockenspiel, flute, melodica, recorder, and assorted percussion. Their three- and four-part harmonies and melodies bring to mind the sound of early Beach Boys and Beatles, but their inventive instrumentation and arrangements put them firmly at the forefront of the modern alternative scene. They were discovered by former Oingo Boingo keyboardist, film composer, and record producer Richard Gibbs who and began producing their debut album for his new recording venture, Invisible Arts.

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