PAC Rental Information

Soka Performing Arts Center has two spaces available to rent to professional organizations for high-quality productions: the concert hall and the black box theatre.

The Performing Arts Center is served by lobbies totaling 7,300 square feet, and a 2,100 square foot mezzanine. Both performance spaces are served by 13,000 square feet of common support spaces, including a loading dock, a green room, four multi-person dressing rooms each accommodating 10-12 persons, one smaller dressing room accommodating 1-4 persons, large and small musician warm-up rooms, a dance rehearsal studio, laundry facilities, and storage spaces.

Soka PAC Contert Hall

The Hall is configurable into 915 seat concert mode, 1,032 seat theater mode, and an intermediate/hybrid mode that seats 859. The Hall features natural acoustics, designed by noted acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota of Nagata Acoustics. Concert mode provides a 3,059 square foot performance platform. Theater mode converts the performance platform to a thrust stage configuration of 1,856 square feet. The performance platform area is served by a dual overhead grid system. A structural grid for rigging, and a tension grid below the structural grid, for lighting, provides great flexibility in rigging and lighting various types of performances and productions.

Basic rental cost for Concert Hall is $7,500 for 8 hours. See link below for additional information in the Summary of Services and Charges.

Soka PAC Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre in Wangari Maathai Hall is flexible in configuration and features a full tension grid above. It can accommodate up to 180 chairs, and is served by a 1,300 square foot lobby.

Basic rental cost for Black Box Theatre is $3,000 for 8 hours. See link below for additional information in the Summary of Services and Charges.

The Black Box Theatre is not for rent during the academic year.


Thank you for your interest in renting our spaces. We are no longer accepting rental applications for events through August 2016. Limited availability through May 2017.

Completed Rental Applications are due a minimum of three (3) months prior to the date of the event. Signed Licensing Agreements and rental fee deposits are due a minimum of two (2) months prior to the date of the event.

If our venues are not available on your preferred date or not within your budget, here are some alternative rental venues around Orange County.

For questions regarding rentals, please contact Rebecca Pierce Goodman at (949) 480-4014 or

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