Restricted View or Impaired Audio Seating


The event for which you are purchasing tickets is now limited to seating that has a limited or restricted view of the stage, or may have lower or impaired audio quality.

Any tickets that are or have been returned to inventory via cancellation or other means, and which are not in the restricted view/impaired audio locations will be sold for the regular ticket price for that seating area or section.

All of the remaining seats may have the view restricted by:

  • Railings
  • Sound reinforcement equipment
  • Stage draperies
  • Scenic elements
  • or other objects that will limit your view of the stage and the action taking place

OR may have audio quality restricted or impaired due to being out of the optimal range (field of coverage) of the audio reinforcement system.

Because of these restrictions or limitations, the remaining seats in the impaired view/audio areas are being offered at a reduced price.  If you have more questions, or need further information regarding available seats and limitations, please call our Box Office at 949-480-4278, Monday through Friday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm

If you understand these limitations, and still wish to purchase tickets, click on the Buy Tickets button below.

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If you do not understand these limitations, or do not wish to proceed with the ticket purchase process, return to the PAC Home Page.