2018-19 Create Your Own Series

Bundle 4 or more and SAVE!

A "Create Your Own Series" package, also known as a "Flex" package, gives you the ability to curate your own season of memorable events here at Soka Performing Arts Center and save. By purchasing a "Create Your Own Series" (CYOS) package you will save 20% or more from the combined single-event ticket prices. Select at least four events from our regular "Soka Presents" 2018-19 season events and enjoy savings that you can turn around and apply to one of our Community Connections (CCX) events, which are not valid for inclusion due to contractual obligations. Or just keep it for yourself and save up for that proverbial rainy day here in sunny Southern California.

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Here are two visual examples of packages you could create for yourself:

Example 1 - Piano Aficionados

Save Money with a Create Your Own Series Package

Example 2 - Guitar Enthusiasts

Create Your Own Series Image

We encourage you to explore your choices online or call us at the Box Office and we will be happy to help you design a series that fits your tastes perfectly. For a list of currently valid events available to bundle into a Create Your Own Series package, please click the link below:

Create Your Own Button

What are the benefits of buying a Create Your Own Series package?

A Create Your Own Series package requires selection of a minimum of four events from the Soka Performing Arts Center-presented events. Seating can be assigned in the same seats, but are often better enjoyed when selected on an event-by-event basis. The discount is deeper than buying single-event tickets as you go, but not as good as buying themed-series packages. Patrons are encouraged to contact the Box Office for guidance in designing a CYOS package.

  • Discounted tickets to the events in your package (minimum of four events required).
  • Ticket delivery fees waived, including for tickets that are mailed.
  • Seat adjustments mid-season with no service fees (based on availability).
  • Free re-printing or re-delivery of tickets for lost or forgotten tickets.
  • Free review of your package at the end of each season for recommendations to greater savings in the future.

Please note: though the Create Your Own Series offer is a package, because the events can be mixed across themed-series as well as events outside a themed-series, patrons of Create Your Own Series packages are not considered “Subscribers” and are not eligible for all subscriber benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: Artists, programs, dates and times subject to change.